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McLaren 570S Coupe: the official name of the new supercar positioned below 650S

McLaren 570S?was officially confirmed as the name of the?future entry-level model from the British car manufacturer. 570S it is also a reference to what hides under the bonnet?and will be positioned just below McLaren 650S.

McLaren 570S - news

McLaren has officially confirmed its future entry-level supercar name, confirmed to be displayed at the 2015?New York Auto Show, expected to open its doors in early April.

Eventually the speculation were true, and the British McLaren 570S Coupe model will be called as a direct reference to what lies beneath the hood. The same method of baptism as in the case of 650S, equipped with an 650 horsepower engine.

McLaren 570S and the?Sports Series range

McLaren 570S Coupe launches the new Sports Series range, positioned below the current Super Series range, which already includes 650S, 625C and 675 LT. Following the example of older siblings, McLaren 570S Coupe will have some?new bodywork, convertible and gran tourer, as speculated by?the auto press.

The 570 horsepower under the bonnet?are currently resulting from the 650S V8 engine, but modified to deliver less. It will be centrally located within a bodywork constructed around a carbon-fiber safety?cell. McLaren 570S?will target models like Porsche 911, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Mercedes AMG GT and will try to become a series model for McLaren.

McLaren 570S Coupe

McLaren expects to sell between 2000 and 2500 units per year, much more than the figures recorded by the 650S big brother in 2014 (1,600 units sold worldwide).

McLaren 570S via?McLaren


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