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Cars of the Future

To make the article clear from the beginning, we will not talk about what cars will be developed in the future or if we are going to use flying cars or if we’ll use teleportation stuff in order to move our self’s from A to B. No, this article is about normal cars, usual cars, which we are using and ...

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Car Ads

Trying to find something intelligent to write this week, I was put in the situation to chose between the girls behind the string wheel or where is the auto industry going to, but, after seeing a nice ad today, I’ve changed my mind and decided to share with you some of my impressions about some of the nicest car adverts ...

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Carnauba Wax

For those that don’t know what Carnauba car wax is, google‘it and you will understand how you can make your car shine so hard that you can look at the sun but not at it, is simple, you have to wax on and wax off. You will not get an martial art expert but you can lose a pound or ...

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

No, is not the western movie, or Clarkson’s DVD, is just a short article with three cars and an idiot writing his stupid points of view for each car. Is not hard to read or understand, the idiot that wrote the text is not that smart to use unknown words even for a monkey; so if your girlfriend lets you ...

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