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How to Have an Impactful Travel Experience

Everybody wants to make a difference in this world. If you love to travel and explore new cultures while making an impact, then your opportunity is here! Built by Close to You Foundation, WISE is all about bringing do good travellers and local social enterprises together, to benefit both. In addition, this online travel agency gives you better prices and ...

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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo is testing the new Bugatti Chiron before reaching its first customer

Bugatti went at Cristiano Ronaldo‘s home to give him the keys to his new Bugatti Chiron. The footballer was delighted with the supercar’s performance. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of footballers who have a passion for exotic cars. And as one of the highest paid footballers in the world, Ronaldo hasn’t stayed away from the exotic supercars produced by Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston ...

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VIDEO: Stunt on two wheels with a Volvo FH truck

Volvo wanted to prove to everyone that its trucks are capable of stunts. This is the main reason for for the two-wheele driving of?one of its most popular trucks: Volvo FH. To promote its range of trucks, Volvo has launched a campaign dubbed “Reality Road”, a TV series of eight episodes, conducted over three weeks. Swedes aim was to demonstrate ...

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Volkswagen Kombi Video

The last wishes of the legendary Volkswagen Kombi fulfilled in a touching commercial

From the time а vehicle first enters а fаmily, stories will be told аbout it. People tаlk аbout their roаd trips, or а speciаl bumper sticker or some rаndom memory thаt their vehicle wаs involved in. Аs the yeаrs go on, the memories аnd stories thаt people hаve with their cаrs grows, аnd eventuаlly, it turns into а cult following. ...

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Volvo - Not all cyclists are this noticeable

Volvo promotes its Automatic Braking System through a series of funny videos

Not all cyclists are this noticeable says Volvo in the last commercials of the Swedish brand. The context remains to be discovered in the three videos of the campaign. After a series of press releases as serious as can be, leisurely explaining the function and utility of its new active safety systems, Volvo decided to promote one of them with ...

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